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January 12, 2022

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About Course

Test of English as a Foreign Language:

The TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a widely recognized and accepted English language proficiency test. It assesses the ability of non-native English speakers to understand and use English at the university level. The TOEFL test is used for various purposes, including university admissions, employment, and visa applications. Here is a complete description of the TOEFL test:

Test Sections:

    1. Reading Section (60-80 minutes): This section consists of 36-56 questions that assess your ability to understand and analyze written passages. You’ll need to answer questions based on the information in these passages.
    2. Listening Section (60-90 minutes): This section includes 34-51 questions designed to evaluate your listening comprehension skills. You’ll listen to lectures, conversations, and discussions, and then answer questions related to what you’ve heard.
    3. Speaking Section (20 minutes): The speaking section assesses your ability to express your thoughts and ideas in English. It includes four tasks: reading aloud, listening and speaking, speaking based on reading and listening, and speaking based on personal experience.
    4. Writing Section (50 minutes): In this section, you’ll complete two writing tasks. The first task requires you to read a passage, listen to a lecture or conversation, and then write a response that synthesizes information from both sources. The second task involves writing an essay based on your own knowledge and experiences.
    • Scoring: Each section of the TOEFL is scored separately. The scores for the Reading and Listening sections range from 0 to 30, in one-point increments. The Speaking and Writing sections are scored from 0 to 4 points and then converted to a scaled score of 0 to 30. The total TOEFL score is the sum of these four section scores, with a maximum total score of 120.




Test Format:

  • The TOEFL is administered as a computer-based test (CBT) in most regions. However, in some areas with limited internet access, it may be administered as a paper-based test (PBT).
  • The test is typically taken at designated test centers, but it is also offered as a home edition for test-takers who meet the technical and security requirements.

Registration and Fees:

To register for the TOEFL, you need to create an account on the official TOEFL website. The registration fee varies by location but is generally around $200-$250 (as of my last knowledge update in September 2021).

Score Validity:

TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the test date. After this period, the scores expire and are no longer considered official.


TOEFL scores are widely accepted by universities, colleges, and other institutions around the world as proof of English language proficiency. Many academic programs and English-speaking countries require TOEFL scores as part of their admissions process.

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