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January 12, 2022

About Course

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About Course

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English:-

It is a computer-based English language proficiency test designed to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers who are seeking to study abroad.

About PTE Exam

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is a computer-based English language proficiency test designed to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers who are seeking admission to English-speaking academic institutions, applying for work visas, or looking to demonstrate their language proficiency for immigration purposes. The PTE Academic test is known for its unbiased and objective scoring system and offers a reliable assessment of a test taker’s English language abilities. Here’s an overview of the PTE exam:

Test Structure: The PTE Academic exam is divided into three main sections, each assessing different language skills:

  1. Speaking & Writing (77 – 93 minutes):
    • Read Aloud
    • Repeat Sentence
    • Describe Image
    • Re-tell Lecture
    • Answer Short Question
    • Summarize Written Text
    • Write Essay
  2. Reading (32 – 41 minutes):
    • Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer
    • Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers
    • Re-order Paragraphs
    • Reading Fill in the Blanks
    • Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks
  3. Listening (45 – 57 minutes):
    • Summarize Spoken Text
    • Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers
    • Fill in the Blanks
    • Highlight Correct Summary
    • Multiple-Choice, Choose Single Answer
    • Select Missing Word
    • Highlight Incorrect Words
    • Write from Dictation

Scoring: PTE Academic scores are reported on a scale of 10 to 90. The scores are based on an algorithm that evaluates your performance across all sections of the exam. The scores are typically available within 5 business days, making PTE a relatively quick option for those with tight application deadlines.

Advantages of PTE Academic:

  • Objective Scoring: The computer-based scoring system eliminates human bias in scoring.
  • Quick Results: Scores are available within a few days, allowing for faster application processing.
  • Flexible Test Dates: PTE Academic is offered on multiple dates throughout the year, providing flexibility in scheduling.
  • Variety of Question Types: The exam features a range of question types that assess various language skills.
  • Integrated Skills: Many tasks involve integrating multiple language skills, mirroring real-life communication scenarios.

Preparation: To prepare for the PTE Academic exam, you can:

  • Access official practice materials and sample questions available on the PTE website.
  • Use third-party study guides and online courses specifically designed for PTE preparation.
  • Take practice tests to familiarize yourself with the exam format and improve your time management skills.
  • Focus on building your overall English language skills, including vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking.

Test Centers: PTE Academic is conducted at authorized test centers around the world. You can find a list of test centers on the official PTE website.

Test Fees: The cost of the PTE Academic exam varies by location. It’s recommended to check the official PTE website for the most up-to-date information on fees.

Remember that specific details about the PTE exam can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the official PTE website or official resources for the most accurate and current information.


How to Prepare for IELTS





The Listening section of the PTE Academic exam assesses your ability to understand spoken English in various contexts. It consists of several tasks designed to measure different aspects of your listening skills.




The Reading section of the PTE Academic exam assesses your ability to comprehend written English materials and extract information from them. The tasks in this section are designed to measure different aspects of your reading skills.






The Writing module in the PTE test assesses your ability to write a response in English.




You will be presented with a short text. Your task is to read the text aloud as accurately as possible. This task assesses your pronunciation, intonation, and fluency.



IELTS Eligibility:

Eligibility requirements for taking the PTE might vary depending on the country and institution you are applying to. Generally, there aren’t strict eligibility criteria, and individuals from various backgrounds and age groups can take the test. However, it’s important to verify the specific requirements set by the institution or organization you are applying to.


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